NEWS FROM THE FRONT: A new years! And Blues Liberation Front is back Saturday, January 13th!

DANCE LESSON starts at 8, DANCING at 9!

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So remember, With the Monthly PASSWORD you get a choice: Free DANCE LESSON from 8 to 9 with your $10 Admission or $3 OFF admission from 9 to 9:30. Watch for the secret password on our group page the week of the dance.

Lesson starts at 8! Don’t forget, we’re trying to get our lessons going on time, so please show before or as close to 8 PM as possible. After 8:15 you may be able to watch the lesson, but to keep it from getting too interrupted we’d like to ask that you not jump in.

Blues Liberation Front is a monthly venue for BLUES DANCING in Los Angeles, dedicated to Turquoise.

What is Turquoise? A whole lot of blues, and a lot of music that isn’t blues, but you’ll definitely want to blues dance to it. It could be soul, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, bluegrass –
we like variety.

Join in and find out.