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If you’re interested in DJing for Blues Liberation Front, let us know! Contact Jamie Leake or Andy Lee, either by e-mail or at one of the dances.

If you’re new-ish to DJing, make us a mix CD similar to what a DJ set for you would be. Here’s some thoughts:

  • Keep the CD down to 50 minutes.
  • We’re a turquoise venue, which means that you have lots of freedom to experiment away from blues, but never ignore blues. Mix it up. We just want awesome, danceable music, and a lot of variety.
  • You should always be able to blues dance to all the music. Think about any song from the perspective of the dancers. If the song makes you want to race out on the floor and blues dance to it, it might be a good song. Make sure songs have a lot of stuff you can play with as a dancer. When in doubt, get a fellow dancer and try dancing to it.
  • Try to avoid too many songs with the exact same tempo.
  • Imagine you’re beginning the set with an empty floor. The first song or two should draw those first dancers out to the floor, not scare them away.
  • Watch your song length. 3 1/2 minutes is good. 4 1/2 minutes is getting long. 5 minutes and longer is maaaaaybe acceptable if it’s an awesome song.
  • Include at least one song that you think of as the weirdest, most out there song you might realistically play in your set, and label which song that is. Just testing you. ;)
  • Try and end the CD with a few late-night songs.
  • Make two copies and we’ll discuss and give you some feedback. Be patient.

    Vive La Blues,

    The Blues Liberation Front